23 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic with Twitter in 2019

traffic Nov 20, 2018

Want to use Twitter to promote your blog? Smart bloggers know how to turn their Twitter profile into a traffic generating machine. In this post, we'll share 23 ways to increase blog traffic with Twitter in 2019.

"How do I promote my blog on Twitter," you ask?

Great question! Sharing your blog posts on Twitter is a really smart move towards growing your blog traffic.

BUT–if you want to build a seriously effective Twitter traffic machine–you’ll need to do more than just tweet your blog posts.

You see, when I first joined Twitter, it took me an entire year to grow to just 200 followers. That was before I had a solid Twitter strategy.

Fast forward to today, I’ve grown my account to nearly 5,000 followers, and used it to massively increase traffic to my brand new blog within just 2 months.

Are you ready to learn how to increase blog traffic with Twitter this year?

Sweet! Let’s dive in…

1. Follow Users Who Tweet the Competition’s Blog Posts

One of the quickest ways I’ve found to increase blog traffic with Twitter is to connect with other users who have shared your competition’s posts.

Here’s an example of how this works:

  1. You have a huge blog post about “internet marketing”.
  2. You find and connect with Twitter users who have tweeted other posts about “internet marketing”.
  3. You connect with them, then pitch your blog post (if it’s better).

Here’s the thing about this strategy…

If you don’t do it right, it becomes spamming. It’s like you’re forcing users to read your content, which is what you should abstain from.

In most cases, pitching your blog posts should be one of the last things you’ll do. Following the users, engaging with their tweets, etc. should be among your first priorities.

That being said, when you nurture relationships first and then pitch second, this strategy works great. So don’t shy away from it!

To find good users to follow, simply use Twitter’s Advanced Search and hit any of the following quick search strings:

  • “Via (Competition’s Twitter Handle)”
  • “By (Competition’s Twitter Handle)”

If I was your competition, then you’d find users like these who have tweeted my blog posts:

2. Follow Users Who Mention the Competition by Name

Apart from users who have shared your competition’s blog posts, you can also follow Twitter users who mention them by name.

Let’s say I blog about blogging, and my direct competition would be someone like Derek Halpern. What I’ll do is I’ll use Twitter to find whoever loves what Derek does.

(This is effective because there’s high possibility they’ll like what you do too.)

To do this, simply log into your Twitter profile and search for your competition’s full name. For example:

  • “Derek Halpern”
  • “Rebekah Radice”

Then, you’ll discover users who have mentioned the competition in their tweets.

Make this task a daily one in order to find & connect with as many users as possible. Remember, if they love your competition, there’s a great chance they’ll love you too!

3. Pin Your Latest (or Greatest) Blog Post

Most people miss this ridiculously easy way to promote blog posts on Twitter. In most cases, my pinned tweets turn out to be the most engaged, clicked or most viewed tweet.

Remember: if you tweet your blog post but your tweet doesn’t get views, you won’t get clicks through to your blog. The more your tweets get seen, the more blog traffic you can get.

I recommend locating either your most recent or your most popular post. Then, craft a punchy headline for it, and pin it to your Twitter profile.

To find your most popular blog post, just head over to Buzzsumo and plug in your blog’s main URL. Hit the search button and you’ll see your blog posts filtered from the most shared to the least:

The blog post that shows up on top is your most popular post, so it’s likely to do a good job driving traffic to your blog when you pin it to your Twitter profile.

4. Include Click-to-Tweets in Your Blog Posts

One of the things that boosted the success of my first blog post about Twitter automation was the short, expert quotes I included which were tweet-able. In fact, they still get shared a ton of times each day.

Tweet-able quotes are simply words cut out of experts’ interviews, articles, shows, podcasts etc.

To include “click to tweets” on WordPress, install & activate the Click to Tweet plugin.

For non-Wordpress users, simply visit ClickToTweet to generate custom links for your desired quotes. Then, include the links directly in your blog posts.

5. Follow Everyone Who Tweets Your Blog Posts

You’ve already followed people who have shared your competition’s posts, so the next thing is to go for users who have tweeted your own posts. (This includes users who tweeted your guest posts as well as posts on your own blog.)

Because these users already love your posts enough to tweet them, there’s a huge possibility that they’ll give you a follow back when you follow them.

You can use Buzzsumo to find all the users who have tweeted your posts. Also, you can do a quick twitter search using any of these searches:

  • “(Your Twitter Handle)”
  • “Via (Your Twitter Handle)”
  • “By (Your Twitter Handle)”

To make this easier, always follow anyone who shares your posts as soon as you get the notification. This way, you’ll have a steady stream of new fans following you back.

It’s an easy way to boost your Twitter followers for free, and I’m sure it’s one of the big reasons why my profile continually gets 13-30 follows each day.

6. Display Twitter Share Counts on Your Blog

It has been tested and proven that displaying social share counts can act as social proof, and hence boost your social shares. But in 2015, Twitter decided to remove social share counts, which affected a ton of bloggers, causing them a huge decrease in total social share counts.

So, with Twitter’s heartbreaking news, how do we go about displaying twitter share counts?

Thankfully, TwitCount has got you covered. Simply connect your Twitter account and then add the code they give you to your blog.

In approximately 1 hour, you’ll start to see your Twitter counts appearing on your blog posts!

7. Use Social Proof in Your Twitter Bio

Research shows that 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations before making a purchase decision. Great news for us: social media has made displaying social proof even easier for brands in 2017-2019.

How do you use social proof on Twitter?

Simply state who you help and how you help them–plus where you’ve been featured, who you’ve worked with, awards, personal achievements, etc.–right inside your Twitter bio.

Here are a couple examples:

8. Use Clear Calls-to-Action

What is your #1 goal for your Twitter account? Is it to increase blog traffic, grow your email subscribers, get more social shares, make more sales?

Tie your main business goal to your Twitter marketing to make your efforts more specific, hence easier. For instance, if my 2019 goal is to increase my blog traffic, then I know that tweeting more links to blog posts, writing click worthy headlines, etc. should be my main priority and focus.

Defining your goal and using appropriate calls-to-action within your tweets will help you focus on what matters most, and doing it effectively.

9. Get Your Buddies to Connect with You on Twitter

If you’ve been blogging for a while, then you should have built a little community of buddies around you. I call this method the “family & friends technique”.

Your closest friends and buddies are far more likely to connect and interact with you on Twitter than strangers, right? Here’s how you do it…

First, login to your Twitter profile, and go to “Settings and privacy”.

Then, click over to the “Find Friends” section, import your contacts, and give them a follow.

10. Email Your List

No matter how small or big your email list is, a good number will always be happy to connect with you on Twitter if you ask them. After all, they have already shown an interest in your stuff.

Just send them a friendly email letting them know you have a Twitter presence and you’ll be sharing a ton of things that might be of interest to them. If they want to get a “behind the scenes” look at your business, special content, giveaways, etc., they should follow you on Twitter!

11. Use Keywords to Tell Twitter What Your Account is All About

This is one of my favorite Twitter traffic secrets. What this little trick does is it tells Twitter exactly what your brand or account is all about. Then, Twitter sends targeted users to your profile (through “who to follow” or “recommended”).

If you set up your Twitter profile yourself, then you will have passed through this little Twitter sign up stage where you insert keywords related to your brand. Good news is, you can always go back to it using the same link.

To add keywords to your Twitter profile, first visit Twitter.com/i/start and click on the “Let’s go!” button.

Then, in the “Looking for Even More?” section, insert as many keywords related to your blog as you can.

That’s it! Now Twitter knows which users to suggest your profile to.

12. Be a Guest in a Twitter Chat

Twitter chats are one of the best and fastest ways to grow your brand on Twitter. This is how I like to think of Twitter chats…

Imagine a stadium full with thousands of die hard soccer fans.

They’re free to approach & sell to.

And you sell soccer gear.


In other words, Twitter chats are a goldmine where lots of users that are interested in your type of business are available. All you need to do is pitch yourself to appear as a guest in one of the Twitter chats that are specific to your blog niche.

Doing this will not only grow your Twitter followers, but it will build your brand’s influence and set yourself up as an expert or go-to person in your niche.

For example, I was recently invited to be a guest on #ExcessNeeds Saturday Twitter chat– this exposed me to tons of potential new followers and also established me as an expert in Twitter marketing.

First, make a list of 3-5 Twitter chats that are super targeted to your business and have the right kind of audience you’ll want to attract.

Then, reach out to the hosts and let them know you’re interested and available to participate as a guest in their weekly Twitter chat sometime.

13. Rank for Your Niche Keywords on Twitter Search

Yes, a good number of users still make use of the search box to find users, tweets, hashtags, conversations, etc. That’s why you should be targeting and dominating certain niche keywords.

For example, I like to target the keyword “twitter automation”.

How do I do it?

Here are 2 quick tactics:

  1. Turn your target keyword into a hashtag and include it in your tweets. For example: “#twitterautomation”.
  2. Include the hashtag in your blog’s click-to-tweets.

14. Follow Other New Bloggers

A lot of bloggers out there will be happy to follow you back, especially if they are newer bloggers. These bloggers usually have 100-5,000 Twitter followers.

To find new bloggers on Twitter, just head over to Twitter and use any of these search strings:

  • “Blogger”
  • “Blogging”
  • “Blog”
  • “Blog Owner”

Follow 5-10 bloggers every day and engage with them.

15. Be a Participant in Twitter Chats

If you can’t score a guest appearance on any Twitter Chat then don’t fret– you can still participate in them!

Like I mentioned earlier, Twitter chats are a goldmine for boosting your followers fast. And the best part is, you don’t really need to be a guest before you can tap into that “gold”.

If you participate and showcase your expertise, then you’ll be recognized and can drive your Twitter traffic and engagement through the roof.

(I’ve also used Twitter chats to get influential follows too, so it’s really a great medium to harness.)

For best results, find the Twitter chats serving your particular niche. For example, if you blog about blogging, you should participate in Twitter chats like:

  • #BlogChat on Sundays.
  • #SEOchat on Thursdays.
  • #ShoutersChat on Saturdays.

If you blog about social media, you should carve out time to participate in Twitter chats like:

  • #TwitterSmarter on Thursdays.
  • #ContentChat on Mondays.
  • #BufferChat on Wednesdays.

16. Publish a Tweet-able Roundup Post

If you still don’t seem to be getting enough traction on Twitter, creating a huge, shareable expert roundup post can give you a quick Twitter traffic boost.

In fact, my tweet impressions rate shot up by over 40% within 30 days after I published my expert roundup post.

All you need to do is get as many experts as you can to contribute to a topic. This will not only boost your Twitter followers, but will also increase your blog traffic and email subscribers.

17. Tag People You’ve Mentioned in Your Blog Posts

One of the fastest ways to alert influencers that you’ve mentioned, featured or quoted in your new blog posts is to tag them.

I also like to notify influencers I’ve mentioned via email, but tagging them in a tweet is an additional reach-out that you don’t want to miss out on. If they don’t get to open your email, there’s possibility they’ll see your tweet!

Note: Please only tag these experts once, and it should be in the first tweet of the post you mentioned them in. This will make sure you don’t look too pushy or spammy.

18. Tweet Your Blog Posts Several Times Everyday

Want to get more link clicks on your tweets? Tweeting your blog posts several times a day is a great way to do that.

You probably already knew that. But, how do you tweet links several times everyday without being spammy?

The solution is simple:

Get creative when writing your tweets. Make each of them sound totally different, even though you are sharing the same blog post.

For example, this tweet is a twist on the headline, “How to Grow Your Blog Traffic to 10K+ Monthly Visitors (4 Case Studies)”:

And this tweet is a quote from the same article:

Try to create at least 3-4 unique tweets for every blog post you publish. You’ll be surprised how many ways you can twist one article!

19. Schedule Live Video Sessions to Build Your Brand

In 2019 and beyond, video content is expected to be one of the best and fastest mediums to reach users and establish your expertise. Social media users simply trust you more when you appear live on camera.

Schedule specific times to go live on video. Teach and engage with your target users in order to show your personality and grow your expertise.

Not sure how to create live videos on Twitter? Here are the official instructions.

20. Link to Your Blog Instead of Your Homepage

If you really want to grow your blog, then why not direct Twitter users directly to your blog posts page?

In your Twitter profile, simply add the link to your blog instead of your main domain:

21. Quote Other Bloggers

To get the attention of other bloggers and influencers in your niche, one of the fastest ways is to quote them in your tweets. This tactic works really well because people love to retweet their own quotes.

Get 5-10 bloggers in your niche with some influence and quote them in your tweets. To find quotes, read their blog posts, watch their videos, listen to their podcasts, or watch their interviews and find what resonates with you and your audience.

A single sentence quote is okay, and don’t forget to tag their Twitter handles too!

The above tweet resulted in Dan sharing my post:

22. Share Tips for Your Followers

Truth be told, Twitter users don’t really want to click links– they don’t want to be redirected out of Twitter. This is one of the main reasons traffic from Twitter can be lower than some other social media platforms.

Because of this, it’s important to also provide value to your users without requiring them to click on your links all the time.

Simply tweet brief tips or hacks that are valuable to your audience. Your Twitter followers will love it! (And you’ll gain new followers too.)

Here’s an example by Mary Fernandez:

And another by Gary Loper:

Remember to use hashtags in your tips so that they can be discovered by potential new followers.

23. Track Your Twitter Traffic

There are many methods & tools to track and measure Twitter traffic and profile growth, but I’ll share some of the best tools and the most important metrics that every blogger should track.

There are two tools (both free Twitter traffic software) that I always use to monitor my Twitter traffic: Buffer and Twitter Analytics.


I mainly use Buffer to schedule my tweets in advance, but it also has some analytics that I check every now and then.

Using Buffer, you can quickly go through your days’ tweets to see which one performed best and which didn’t. After each tweet is sent out, buffer tracks the number of clicks and the reach it gets.

Twitter Analytics

I also check my Twitter traffic on Twitter Analytics about every 30 days to get more detailed data on how my profile is performing.

Using your Twitter Analytics, you can check how many users your tweets reached, how many users visited your profile, how many followed you, your engagement rate, and much more.

Another thing that I love about Twitter Analytics is that you can see a detailed demographic about your followers.

That’s it! You just learned 23 ways to increase blog traffic with Twitter in 2019.

As you discovered, using Twitter to promote your blog isn’t just about tweeting your blog posts. There are many different ways to start building a Twitter traffic machine, right now.

When you combine these techniques, you’ll start to see a big increase in your Twitter traffic in no time!

Which techniques do you use to get traffic on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below.

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Simon Zaku is a Twitter Marketing Specialist aimed at helping product based businesses & blogs start, build and grow a twitter brand that matters. If he's not learning new twitter strategies, he can be found using tested tactics to help grow different brands on twitter. You can contact Simon via [email protected], find him on twitter via S_Zakuu or his website simonzaku.com.

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