How to Grow Your Blog Traffic to 10K+ Monthly Visitors (4 Case Studies)

traffic Aug 01, 2017

Want to grow your blog traffic to 5-digits and beyond? Armed with the right strategies, even beginners can rapidly increase their blog traffic. In this post, we'll share the case studies of 4 bloggers who grew their blog traffic to over 10,000 monthly visitors.

Does this blog traffic routine sound familiar?

  1. Promote your latest blog post on Facebook.
  2. Share it on Twitter.
  3. Sleep.
  4. Wake up and complain about the 5 visitors you had in the last 24 hours.
  5. Abandon the post and Google “how to drive blog traffic”.
  6. Read the same advice you’ve heard a billion times.
  7. Write a new blog post.
  8. Repeat steps 1-6.
  9. Bang your head against a wall and proclaim that you just aren’t cut out for this whole “blogging thing”.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry– you are not alone.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve spoken with many successful bloggers and got them to share their case studies with me. They revealed their blog traffic strategies, and exactly how they grew their blog traffic to 10,000 monthly visitors and beyond.

They also shared what didn’t work to grow their traffic. In fact, they all experienced failures before they met with success!

In this post, I am going to share the top 4 case studies with you, and the important lessons to take away from them, so you can finally see a big breakthrough in your blog traffic.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in to the 4 blog traffic case studies…

Case Study #1: How Ashley Faulkes got his first 10K monthly visitors

Getting over 10,000 monthly visitors in the marketing/blogging niche is a real struggle.

All the keywords are super competitive and people are hard to impress. In my first year blogging, I had no idea how to go about this in a smart and strategic way.

In fact, I had zero experience in blogging, marketing, or running my own website (I used to be a programmer).

However, by trying out a lot of different ideas and watching what the pros did, I was able to learn fast.

Unlike a lot of online “big guns” these days, who are focusing on social media and email list building, I decided to put my time into studying SEO (search engine optimization).

To me, SEO looked like it could bring the biggest return on investment for my time.

And after a few small wins in my first year, it seemed I was right.

So, how do I use SEO these days to bring in more traffic (which is not that much different to when I started in 2013)?

For me, it boils down to two solid ideas:

  1. Pick keywords that bring traffic and that you can rank for.
  2. Build backlinks over time with either guest posting or earning them with amazing content.

I focus on finding blog niche ideas and topics that no one else is focusing on, instead of trying to beat the big boys at their game.

Although to be honest, sometimes I do the wrong thing and waste my time in a mega-article that brings almost no results.

Last year I wrote a huge 6,000 word article that got tons of links, but is still on page 3 of Google.

Sure, it brings in traffic, but it did not reach page 1, or bring in the traffic I worked so hard to get.

I even got 50+ experts involved, and certainly did see a flood of traffic (for a week). But that was not my goal. Long term sustainable traffic is.

And should be yours too! I have written other posts in the last few months that got on page 1 in weeks and brought in fresh traffic almost instantly.

That is what picking the right keywords is all about (and the reason I teach a course on it called Killer Keywords!).

These days I get most of my traffic from SEO (about 70% per month) and the other big portion comes from Pinterest SEO.

As of today, I have about 15K+ visitors a month on Mad Lemmings.

I don’t currently focus that much on building traffic now as I care more about increasing my income and serving my clients.

However, I started a side blog (over Christmas) which I have also built up super-rapidly to over 1K visitors a day (over 90% from SEO).

I did this to prove my SEO methods work, but also to start building a side/passive income from affiliate marketing.

My aim with this site is to get to 10K visitors a month by the end of the year.

And looking at the chart below, you can see I am well on the way.

Can you do it too?


Pick an area no one is focusing on.

Pick your traffic source.

Pick your battles.

And you should be good to go. It just takes time. So be patient. Create something long lasting and don’t cut corners!

Ashley Faulkes
Founder of MadLemmings

Key Takeaways:

  1. Pick keywords you can rank for easily.
  2. Guest post on different blogs to earn quality backlinks.
  3. Pick a traffic generation technique and master it before expanding.

Case Study #2: How Marcus Krieg got his first 10K monthly visitors

Want to grow your blog traffic?

Then learn from my mistake: always bring your gun to a knife fight…

For the first 4 years in business, our singular focus was serving clients, creating processes, and earning referrals.

During that span, our business grew 10x. Not too shabby, but by the end of 2015, it was clear our old school strategy wasn’t sustainable.

We needed to invest in our own marketing to keep growing.

As a video agency, we decided YouTube was the logical place to start… We could easily create and promote our own videos.

Besides, it would have felt weird NOT using YouTube. But, of course, that was a huge mistake…

As you can see, our traffic barely budged in 2016, despite producing 100+ videos, 50+ podcast episodes, and a short blog post for each.

Now, keep in mind, we’d launched multiple channels to over 1 million viewers in the first year.

It wasn’t our first rodeo. So what happened? In hindsight, it’s embarrassingly obvious…

We went head-to-head with thousands of competitors trying to rank for the exact same keywords.

And many are actually good at it! Even if our videos were better, they could only be a little better.

Not enough to overtake them in the rankings without a massive promotional effort.

With such a low return on time invested, it was time to move on.

As Q4 approached, I began digging into our analytics to see what WAS working.

And that’s when I discovered our “unfair advantage”… Nearly 100% of our growth came from a handful of 2000-word blog posts I’d written.

Why did that work?

Our competitors were great at video, but they weren’t even decent at written content.

Even the biggest blogs in our space were writing short, fluffy articles.

So we did the opposite and committed to writing in-depth articles, leveraging our scriptwriters’ copywriters as an unfair advantage.

You can see in the chart that our traffic shot through the roof starting with our first post in 2017, a 2,600-word guide on the latest video marketing trends.

That post currently ranks #1 for “video marketing trends,” pops on and off the first page of Google for “video marketing,” and has been shared over 400 times!

Long story short: don’t play to your competitors’ strengths.

When it comes to growing your traffic, find or create your own unfair advantage. Always bring your gun to a knife fight.

Marcus Krieg
Founder of Authority Unleashed

Key Takeaways:

  1. Look for what your competition is not doing so well and create something better.
  2. Always bring your gun to a knife fight. (Leverage your unfair advantage.)

Case Study #3: How Meera Kothand got her first 10K monthly visitors

There are lots of things that I tried to reach 10K page views but here are my top four tips.

Firstly, promote your work. Many bloggers forget about promotion and just keep putting out pieces of content.

I would suggest focusing on Pinterest and one other social media platform where your audience hangs out.

Pinterest boosted my traffic and although I started a good 6-7 months after I launched my blog, it quickly became my number 1 traffic source.

Create 2-3 pin images per post. You need to increase your volume of pins especially when you’re brand new. This also lets you see which type of pin gives you the most click-throughs.

Have a clearly identifiable headline on the pin image. Headlines that promise a benefit or solve a problem will attract more click-throughs to your site.

Secondly, make sharing your posts ridiculously easy.

The more you get your posts in front of people, the easier it will be for new readers to find you.

Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Add share buttons and make sure they are easily visible.
  • Add linkable assets.
  • If you have a pin image or infographic, display it clearly on the post.
  • Add click to tweets. (Click to tweets are quotes or punchy sentences within each post.)

Thirdly, guest post on authority sites.

Guest posting positions you as an authority and expert even when you don’t have the years to show for it.

It allows you to borrow someone’s else’s platform providing value. But to make full use of that opportunity and translate that to traffic, you need to optimize your author bio.

The author bio is your tiny piece of real estate that you get in exchange for adding value to the host’s site.

Be strategic with it. Don’t stuff your author bio with 4-5 links of all your social media profiles. Give people too many choices and they take none. Have 2 at maximum.

My last tip is to write exceptional content.

Set out to make every piece of content exceptional because when you do, people will start to notice and share your work in Facebook groups without you even asking. The more people share, the more traffic you get.

Meera Kothand
Founder of

Key Takeaways:

  1. Write exceptional content.
  2. Promote your posts on Pinterest (create 2-3 compelling pin images for each blog post).
  3. Make your content extremely shareable by adding share buttons and click to tweets.
  4. Leverage your author bio when guest posting to maximize your traffic.

Case Study #4: How Marc Guberti got his first 10K monthly visitors

When I started my first blog about the Boston Red Sox, I had no idea about the impact I would create.

10,000+ monthly visitors seemed impossible to me, but I continued to learn and implement every day.

I soon found myself blogging about digital marketing and productivity and set the goal for 10,000+ monthly visitors.

During this time, I went all-in with all of the social networks but got nothing out of it.

Just because you apply an input doesn’t mean you get the output you’re expecting.

If you’re not getting the output you’re looking for, you need to modify the input.

With this thinking, I decided to focus all of my social media related time, attention, and energy towards mastering Twitter.

This lopsided focus is the reason my Twitter audience dwarfs my other social media audiences in comparison. 

As I continued to master Twitter and publish more content on my blog (during the early days, I published two blog posts each day, although they were much shorter), my blog started to gain traction.

More people engaged with my content on Twitter and shared it with their audiences. I continued growing my Twitter audience, so that created a positive feedback loop.

My mastery of Twitter is the sole reason I first reached 10,000+ monthly visitors.

As I saw more traffic from Twitter, I upped my game and tweeted once every 10-15 minutes.

Almost all of the tweets promote my own content because I believe people don’t care which blog post they land on as long as that blog post provides the value they’re looking for.

My success on Twitter led to many podcast interviews and guest blogging opportunities.

These opportunities allowed me to considerably increase my reach. Now I turn more of my followers into email subscribers so I own the traffic.

If you don’t own your traffic with your email list, it doesn’t matter how much you grow on social media.

You might get a few months of 10K+ visitors, but the moment the social media rules change, you could see a big cut in traffic.

Getting your audience on your email list allows you to control the traffic much more effectively over the short-term and long-term. 

That’s how I got my first 10,000+ monthly visitors.

I chose to master one thing instead of get iffy results in a bunch of different areas.

Since then, I’ve expanded to Pinterest, Facebook, and the other social networks, but Twitter is what got me started.

Marc Guberti
Teenager Entrepreneur, Author, and Blogger at

Key Takeaways:

  1. Master just one social media platform before expanding to others.
  2. Share your posts on social media consistently and frequently.
  3. Get your blog visitors on your email list.


Now that you’ve heard the 4 blog traffic case studies, getting 10,000 monthly visitors or more doesn’t sound all that crazy does it?

The strategies we just talked about aren’t rocket science. In fact, the successful bloggers above were just as frustrated as you when they first started out and were banging their heads against a wall.

The hardest part is realizing that what you are doing now isn’t working, and that it’s time to alter your strategy.

But you’ve already done that! And with the takeaways we shared above, you now have the right strategies.

That’s all you need.

Never ever give up.

The world needs you to make a real impact, and building a popular blog is the key.

Iyiola Owabumowa

Iyiola is the Founder of The Income Blogger and he helps beginning bloggers become revolutionary. Download his copy of Insanely Effective Techniques that will drive 3,000 unique visitors to your blog this week.

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