10 Fatal Mistakes Most New Bloggers Make

traffic Jul 09, 2019

Wondering why your blog isn't popular? You could be making some common mistakes. In this guide, we'll share 10 fatal mistakes most new bloggers make.

When someone asks you, “What do you do for a living?” and you say, “I’m a blogger,” what’s their reaction?

Many people think that bloggers have the easiest life in this world. The thought of working at home with your pajamas with no supervision seems fascinating.

But the truth is, blogging seems easy on the surface until you start writing and publishing.

Successful bloggers are the most hardworking and dedicated people I’ve ever seen. Blogging successfully is difficult and sometimes, frustrating and defeating. That’s why so many people start their blogs with enthusiasm and excitement only to quit after a few weeks or months. Being a successful blogger requires discipline, patience, dedication, technological expertise and resources.

When starting out, most people think that blogging is all about writing a bunch of words, adding pictures and publishing. In most instances, they don’t understand that a successful blog requires money and technological skills. To maintain a blog, you need to be very creative to generate the best ideas, write content and promote your work to your audience.

According to domywriting reviews, people who don’t take their time to understand what blogging is all about always leave the internet polluted with blogs that are no longer in use. Blogs that seemed like a good idea in the first place but never beard any fruit. Most successful bloggers are guilty of this. And that’s okay.

To become successful, failure is inevitable. It is an essential ingredient for success. The most important thing is to pick yourself up after falling. So, watch out. Anyone who tells you that starting and running a blog is convenient and easy wants you to fail hard.

Successful bloggers are happy about the fact that Google indexes low quality blogs and pushes them to the bottom. This means that only high quality blogs will be accessed by the target market.

The big question is: Do you want to start a blog that ends up at the bottom of the list? Or do you want to create something that will improve the lives of your audience and make some money out of it? Once you know what you want, the only question you have to ask is: How?

If you have been blogging for a while and you haven’t got the results you want or if you are thinking of starting a blog, this article is for you.

Why Isn't My Blog Successful Yet?

Are you in this situation? You publish articles regularly but no one reads them or you have a few followers on Twitter and none of them tweets back. Further, Google analytics shows that you get about 20 visitors in a day and you are sure that you and your family and friends account for all of that.

This is the point where most bloggers give up. They don’t have any hope with blogging. They were excited about quitting their day job and being their own bosses. Now, they have to rethink about it. Before you quit, there are some things you should consider.

If you are thinking of starting a blog, there are some important facts you should keep in mind. Don’t make the assumption that you’ll start making money automatically by writing and publishing regularly.

Every successful blogger was once a terrible blogger. Persistence and patience are the keys to success in the blogging world. Before writing and publishing, you need to have certain skills that will give you an edge over other bloggers.

Here are some of the skills that AssignmentMasters recommends.

  • Technological skills – You’ll need to understand the basics of using a computer and setting up a content management system such as WordPress. Therefore, you need to understand the plugins, themes and images that could slow your blog down and potentially hurt the growth of traffic.
  • Social Media marketing skills – You need to market and promote your work on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to name a few. Social media platforms have the potential of increasing your traffic at a rapid level.
  • Email marketing skills – You need to keep your subscribers happy and satisfied to prevent them from leaving. Through email newsletters, you can manage and increase the number of subscribers.
  • Keyword tools – There are a variety of tools that will help you identify and manage the key words in your content and increase traffic.

If you have a blog that is not performing as you expected, there are certain things you should stop doing. Successful bloggers focus on the most important things or tasks. Unsuccessful bloggers focus on everything and they end up wasting their time and money in the long run.

If you are a beginner, you should also take your time to learn what you should avoid doing with your blog to be successful. Here are 10 common mistakes 6most new bloggers make which are detrimental to your blog...

1. Writing on Topics You Don't Enjoy

Do what you love. This advice is brief and concise. And it’s worth keeping in your mind all the time. Do not start a travel blog if you hate it. Do not write about technology when you should be writing about self-improvement. Do not think that certain fields perform better than others. According to writing services, every field has the potential of performing well including yours.

Blogging takes a lot of time and energy. And you’d better spend your time and energy on something that you love. Working on something that you don’t love will feel like a heavy burden. And you won’t perform well. Putting yourself under unnecessary stress is not worth it. Successful bloggers do what they love every time. And that’s why they are always inspired and energized. If you work on something you don’t love, it won’t take long before you throw in the towel.

2. Using a Free Blogging Platform

If you want to start a blog for the sake of it and you’ve got no plans to grow and earn money in future, you should definitely use a free platform. As the popular saying goes, you get what you invest. People who start their blogs on free blogging sites are not perceived to be serious. Successful bloggers invest in themselves and they always get rewarded.

On the other hand, unsuccessful bloggers go around looking for free items and they get scraps or nothing in the end. Most readers avoid reading free blogs because they look spammy and unprofessional. The blog is also not owned by the blogger and that’s a terrible path to follow if you want to grow. Starting a real blog is not as difficult as most people think.

3. Trying to Please Everyone

The only person you should write to please is yourself. When you write to please everyone, you end up pleasing none. Do not write about everything that comes to mind because you want to increase traffic.

Focus is key when blogging. You can focus on everything else once your blog picks up. Avoid chasing butterflies in the beginning because you’ll fall hard on your face. If your blog is about self-improvement, just focus on that. Your work should be understanding your target market and producing content that improves their lives.

4. Perfecting Your Blog Posts

Most bloggers spend a lot of time trying to perfect their blogs. The truth is, there is no such thing as a perfect blog. Being a perfectionist and fixing every small issue on your blog will not take you anywhere.

You should do your best when writing and designing your blog because the first impression matters a lot. However, do not spend most your time perfecting it because it’s an endless journey. There will always be room for improvement no matter what you do. Instead of perfecting your blog, progress it. At the end of the day, the person who makes progress wins.

When you focus on progress, you end up perfecting what you do. But when you focus on perfection, you don’t make progress. Do not waste your time worrying about the mission statement or the best name for your blog. At the end of the day, your readers want to read high quality content that solves their problems in some way. Let tour content do everything for you. And people will remember the name of your blog.

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5. Failing to Invest in Yourself

If you want to grow, you have to invest in yourself. Likewise, for your business to grow, you have to invest your time and money. As the popular saying goes, for your world to change, you have to change.

Most successful bloggers work extremely hard for their blogs to be at the top. Most of them spend sixteen hours a day on their blogs. The harder you work, the luckier you get. Do not think that blogging is easy just because you’ll be working from home. You should take it seriously because your life is dependent on it.

Take your time to improve your blogging skills by reading books, listening to audio programs, reading the stories of other successful bloggers, and getting high-quality training. Investing in yourself will pay in spades. When you leave everything to chance, nothing happens.

6. Not Building an Email List

Starting an email list is essential for any blogger who wants to grow and start earning real money. Most bloggers make a huge mistake when they fail to offer their readers an option to subscribe to their email list.

The good thing about emails is that they don’t change unlike social media platforms and Google SEO which keep on changing and you have no control over them. You own your email and you have control over it. The subscribers you have signed up because they loved your content and would like to hear from you.

With subscribers, you have something real. You can pitch a product or even launch an online course. If you are starting out, I recommend MailChimp because it’s free until you surpass two thousand subscribers. This tools will definitely take you to a whole new level.

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7. Ignoring Your Branding

Most readers love blogs that have a brand. If your blog doesn’t have a brand, your readers will not think of you as a professional. Create a simple logo. Don’t waste your time trying to perfect it. Also, your blog should reflect the logo you’ve chosen. Use the right fonts and pick the right colors.

Most bloggers use Google images because they don’t know where they can get free photos. Avoid using Google images on your blog for legal reasons. There are several sites that offer free professional images that you can use on your blog. They include Pexels, Unsplash and Pixabay to name a few. If you need premium images, Shutterstock is here for you.

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8. Not Optimizing Your Blog for Search Engines

It’s always important to optimize your blog even if are thinking of getting all your traffic from social media platforms. When writing, add internal links because they keep your readers engaged with more of your content. Also, adding links helps with Google Crawl index your blog easily.

External links are just as important as internal links. Google tends to trust sites that link to other sites. Always link to authority sites. Linking your content to poor sites will end up damaging yours. If doubt a site, it’s better to link to performing sites such as entrepreneur, huff post or success to name a few.

Always remember to optimize your images before uploading them to your blog. Optimizing your images will improve the site speed and bounce rate. And this will ultimately result to improved user experience. Short pixel is a great image optimization tool with a free plugin to 60%.

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9. Publishing Inconsistently

When starting out, most bloggers look at other successful sites and see all the blog posts published there and they think having many blog posts is the key to success. They start writing frantically and what happens in the end? They end up exhausting themselves with no results to show.

Publishing a blog post every single day is difficult. You need to have a team to do it successfully. There are bloggers who post once a week or a month and they get results. Why? They post high quality content and spend most of their time promoting it.

Instead of working hard and getting no results, work smart. Focus on your target audience and spend most of your time promoting your blog.

10. Throwing in the Towel

Most bloggers give up too quickly when things get difficult. You should always keep in mind that everything worthwhile take time. Being a successful blogger takes time. Creating a strong and lasting relationship takes time. If you keep doing things in the right way for some time, you must succeed. When things get tough, keep on keeping on. And you’ll eventually succeed.


There will be times when you’ll feel like giving up. Blogging, just like everything in life is difficult. You are going to fall on your face very many times. You’ll have heartaches and sleepless nights. But the most important thing is picking yourself up and learning your lesson from every setback. Keep on keeping on and you’ll achieve your goals in the end. Happy blogging!  

Sharon is marketing specialist and blogger from Manchester, UK. When she has a minute, she loves to share a few of her thoughts about marketing, writing and blogging with you. Currently, she is working as a marketer at Edugeeks Club and assignmentholic.co.uk. You could follow Sharon on Facebook.

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